Why JeffBullas.com Could Benefit from an Email Welcome Series

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Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts, The Email Audit Case Files. In this series, I find marketing experts who inspire me and review their email marketing programs. My first goal is to see what these experts are doing well, and where they have room for improvement. Secondarily, I hope this series helps contribute knowledge and information …

Using the Wrong Email Metrics?

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What is the best open rate? How do I know if my email marketing is working? These and other very valid questions lead people to search for “industry standard” statistics they can use to gauge how their email is performing. Unfortunately, comparing your very unique company’s email marketing to a faceless industry standard is simply fruitless. In this article, I …

Creating an Ethical Unsubscribe Experience

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Your email marketing deliverability lives and dies by your domain reputation. If you get enough users marking you as SPAM, that is exactly where all your emails will land – in the SPAM folder. A difficult or unpleasant unsubscribe experience will prompt users to take the fast way to get you out of their inboxes: marking you as SPAM. Cover …

Email Marketing Automation: Strengthen Your Brand

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If you’re not already using marketing automation to make your email marketing a success, it’s time to start! Creating welcome sequences, new customer welcome series, and others can help you create a stronger bond with your subscribers. In this article, I tackle must-have automations to make your email marketing a success. Photo by bert sz on Unsplash

5 Ways to Avoid Email Rendering Issues

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Did you know most emails are now being opened on mobile? If you’re not designing, testing, and optimizing your email templates for mobile, you may be losing more than 50% of your readers. In this article, I walk you through an abbreviated version of my own email process. Cover photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash